Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is psychotherapy that is focused on various aspects of sex and sexuality.   Dr. Devore’s practice concentrates on the challenges that people face when dealing with sexual dysfunction, issues with gender, fetish, alternative sexualities, and criminal sexuality.

Most individuals and couples will face some form of sexual dysfunction, be that lack of desire, pain on intercourse, rapid ejaculation, lack of orgasm, or some other aspect of sex that is unsatisfying, like overuse of pornography or some other form of sexual compulsion (some say addiction).

The gender spectrum includes people who want to change sex by hormones and/or surgery,  want to find a sexual identity that better fits them than “male” or “female”, or were born with a sex difference that they need to understand better so that their life satisfaction can be best achieved.

Fetish and alternative sexualities are all of those kinds of sex that go beyond mainstream ideas of sex, from swinging lifestyles, to S&M, to all of those sexual interests that don’t necessarily include a partner, but focus instead on an object or ritual.

Criminal sexuality varies from place to place in the world depending on the culture, but here in the United States, sex with someone under 18, sex in a public place, sex with someone who is too impaired to give consent, or sex forced on an unwilling partner all can land you attention from the law, stop the life you were leading, and put you in jail or some other kind of life changing program that will severely restrict your general freedoms.

Dr. Devore is most interested in helping people to find a way to have the sex life they want to have, safely and within the law,  so that they can lead satisfying and productive lives, no longer distracted by a desire that gets in their way.

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