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For more than 30 years Dr. Tiger Devore has been helping all kinds of people.  He has counseled a broad spectrum of individuals and couples on relationship issues and all forms of sexual dysfunction.  Dr. Devore has unparalleled niche expertise as a counselor and advocate for intersex people, as well as those considering sex reassignment or dealing with gender fluidity issues.  He has regularly appeared on television, radio and in print media as a sex and relationship expert, including several interviews with Howard Stern, and appearances on Oprah, the Today show, Montel and many more.


Areas of Expertise

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Divorcing can be one of life’s most contentious and even hateful experiences. Understanding why a relationship cannot go forward, and consciously choosing to handle it well is a critical step for anyone going through a divorce. Dr. Devore works with individuals struggling during or after a divorce to help them divorce consciously and divorce well.

Fetish, Kink & Alternative Lifestyles

There are a wide variety of alternative sexual lifestyles that can present a spectrum of issues requiring therapy. Such lifestyles can include sexual rituals, use of objects or animals for sex, practice of blood sports, consumption of fecal matter, and many other persuasions. Dr. Devore helps individuals to embrace, cope with, or overcome these types of less common sexual desires.

Gender Fluidity

People who don’t emotionally or psychologically identify with the gender they were assigned at birth based on their physical characteristics are known as transsexuals, or can be said to be experiencing gender fluidity. Dr. Devore is an expert on gender fluidity issues and has helped a variety of transsexual patients to transition to the gender identity that fits for them best, whether it be male, female or somewhere in between.

General Problems

Dr. Devore helps patients address a wide variety of problems in daily living. These sometimes include depression, chronic illness, various mid-life transitions, grief over the death of a partner, approaching dating after such a loss, dealing with diseases such as cancer, AIDS/HIV, living with an organ transplant, and many others.

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